Quickfire Platform Launching New Online Slots For Microgaming Online Casinos is news that has captured the attention of millions of gamblers around the world. Microgaming, one of the best and most well renowned casino software providers, has launched its new online slots game which is powered by their latest platform, known as QuickFire. The reason Microgaming developed this platform is to stretch the compatibility and also cater in terms or supporting third party games, but also other software provider-developed games.

New games ahead: Royal Roller

On with the big news was that Microgaming would also release 3 new games very soon, which will all be inspired to capture the great feel of the Las Vegas gambling experience. Based on information provided by inside sources, for their latest Quickfire platform, Microgaming has chosen the Genesis Gaming studio to have their newest games designed and developed. The new games the company plans on launching are titled Journey of the Sun, Disco Night Fright and Royal Roller. Taking a closer look at Royal Roller, this is a twenty five payline and five reel video slots game and it comes with an extra feat that allows players to benefit from free spins. The game was designed in such a way that it would perfectly depict the brightly lit, enchanting and vibrant beauties of Las Vegas. Because players are compelled to improve their skills or climb up the ranks, so that eventually they can reach the royalty level. This is basically similar to a real life Las Vegas winner.

Disco fright and Journey to the Sun

Taking a closer look at the next game, Disco Fright Night, this is very similar to the previous one, but it comes with a very strange zest for dark humor, because of its antics and werewolf humor. This is a type of game that can be enjoyed for many hours and if players can turn all of the Disco Dancer Symbols into werewolves, they’ll benefit from ten free spins. The last game Microgaming announced is called Journey to the Sun, a game that features an Egyptian theme and to embody the ancient Egypt, the symbols on the reels are in hieroglyphics. The free spin feature in the game is referred to as the Senet, which is a board game patented from the Egyptian game bearing the same name. When players will indulge into this game, they’ll be able to win free spins that can easily be used when playing the main slots game.

It seems that the news regarding the new Quickfire Platform Launch For Microgaming Online Casinos has spread high and wide and soon the previous game will be available to many online casinos, including the Jack Gold Online Casino. Even more, tablet, but also mobile users will be able to enjoy them as well, because they are compatible with mobile devices. Microgaming released a statement in which it said that due to the variety of options it offers to people, it will appeal not only to their existing customer base, but it will also be instrumental in attracting many new players to the website.