Government officials in China will be strengthening regulation in regards to online casino access. According to authorities in the country, tighter laws are required to prevent citizens from logging onto pornography and gambling websites, as well as portals with politically controversial material.

This comes after the government’s recent spat with search giant Google, leading to the company moving its operations to Hong Kong.

A spokesperson for the Chinese government Information Office commented that such regulation is necessary.

We will strengthen the blocking of harmful information from outside China to prevent harmful information from being disseminated in China and withstand online penetration by overseas hostile forces.

Such strong regulation towards online slots, online blackjack and online casinos in general is not uncommon, and not exclusive to non-Western countries. In the United States, sports betting on the internet is prohibited, while it can be difficult to use online casinos and stay on the right side of the law.

Australia and France employ slightly murky rules in regards to the pastime, with offshore casino activity particularly rife in the former. The regulation in France permits online gambling, but only on websites deemed to be “respecting public and social order” and in possession of a special licence.

However, Russian gamblers do not get the chance to indulge their passion on the internet. Laws passed in 2006 make it illegal to log on and bet for money.

These rules are in strict discordance with UK law, which permits online gambling so long as the player is over the age of 18.